George Finlay has been interested in flight since building rubber-band powered model aircraft as a child in Toronto. A Rice University graduate, he has taught science in NYC secondary schools, taught art directors to set type on desktop computers, and taught pilots to make best use of computers in the cockpit. He holds an airline transport pilot license and multiengine instructor certificate.

Frank Galella put himself through Teterboro School of Aeronautics by working as a lineboy at Lincoln Park Airport in New Jersey. He is still at Lincoln Park, but now as owner of Lincoln Park Aviation, a highly-regarded aircraft sales and service business. He is jumping into drones, doing business as Next Generation Aviation services, which has FAA authorizations allowing him to provide us with drone maintenance, training and equipment.

Duncan Pettigrew's first roles in the arts were as an acrobat and actor. Since his studies at Pratt Institute in NYC, he has been concentrating on the art of shooting, edting and producing video images. He helps our customers get shots that would have been difficult to impossible before drones.

Jason Friedman-Mendez helps run Brooklyn-based Omega Jay Sound, while working as a video cameraman and sound engineer for movie and TV production companies, and teaching video production at Paramus High School.