• Fleet refreshed for 2017 Now we are flying 2 DJI Inspire T600 Pros and have a T601 (Inspire 2) on order. Here's why:We needed the Zenmuse X5 with remote camera controls and a long lens to inspect HMLPs (high mast light poles) for NJDOT (NJ Department of Transportation) without getting uncomfortably close to the subject matter. We are looking for cracks at joints. These poles are 100+ feet high so they are transported in sections and assembled on site. The slip joints, particularly the high joints, are hard to see from the ground. Our aim with the Inspire 2 is to upgrade for TV and movie production.
    Posted Jan 9, 2017, 7:49 AM by George Finlay
  • Part 107 and NYC The new FAA rules for small drone operations have made commercial drone flights in NYC easier, but as you would expect there are still requirements to be met.The day after the rules took place on Monday August 29, we were able to shoot test shots for a TV job on Governors Island in NYC without a COA, without filing NOTAMs, and without a permit from OFTB. The entire island is within 2 Nautical miles (nm) of Downtown Manhattan Heliport (KJRB). Under our Section 333 exemption we had applied for a COA to allow us to fly within 2 nm of KJRB, and been denied.Of course we were in close touch with the Trust for Governors Island, but all ...
    Posted Sep 21, 2016, 6:41 AM by George Finlay
  • We love our Solos In fact we have 3 of them in our fleet now.Under 2 kg fully loaded, these rugged little craft fit easily into a backpack weighing well under 10 kg, even with all the extra gear needed for a shoot. We can hike into the most remote spots and use the sophisticated flight control software to set up a complex automated flight, be it a survey or a "take" that a director can have done over and over, knowing the track will be exactly the same each time. That particular ability has been dubbed a "cable shot" in a nod to the way filmmakers set up shots like that in the past.But it is more like (cable x crane ...
    Posted Mar 16, 2016, 3:25 PM by George Finlay
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